Antiviral preparation

We present to your attention a unique innovative antiviral preparation for prevention and protection against infections, support of beneficial human microflora, epithelial regeneration and fight against allergens.


AVSystems ®

Antiviral systems.

This is a hygienic preventive action for mass use, developed by scientists of M.V.Lomonosov Moscow State University in order to replace antiseptics and incorrectly used masks. The product with antiviral effect is used for preventive, antiseptic and hygienic purposes to protect the skin of the face and hands, cleanse, relieve irritation and protect the mucous membrane of the mouth and throat.



Antiviral and antimicrobial agent

This preparation contains specific antivirus and antimicrobic substances produced by useful human microflora. It means that substances suppress the viruses and pathogenic microflora but are quite harmless for human useful microorganism which live on the skin, in the mouth.


Support for beneficial human microflora

The composition of the preparation includes organic and mineral substances in physiological concentration, which contribute to the development of beneficial human microflora.


Anti-inflammatory and moisturizer

Irrigation of the oral cavity and human skin with the product allows to retain moisture in the upper layers of the epithelium, while mechanical separation of foreign particles that affect the inflammatory process occurs.


Local Immunity Support

Human microflora not only performs vital functions, participating in the digestive and immune systems, in the production of vitamins, hormones and other biologically active substances, but also protects it from various viruses. The product provides general support to the local beneficial human microflora, which helps to strengthen the immune system.


Acceleration of the regeneration of the mucous membrane and skin

The product creates a prophylactic protective coating on the skin and in the human oral cavity, which promotes epithelialization.


Removal of allergens

The preparation contains an isotonic solution reinforced with macro and microelements, which are able to deactivate and wash away sources of allergy from the irritated surface.


Oral cavity Oral cavity

Apply the spray to the inside of your cheeks, lips and gums. The product is safe if swallowed accidentally.

Hands Hands

Apply the spray to the inside and outside of dry palms. If you need to wash your hands, apply the product again.

Face Face

Spray the product evenly onto your face with your eyes closed. The product is safe when applied to the skin around the eyes.

To protect the family

«AVSystems®» is recommended for adults and children from 2 years old. The product prevents of infections when visiting kindergartens, schools, clubs and other institutions.

The product «AVSystems®» is approved by the National Research Center for Epidemiology and Microbiology named after Honorary Academician N.F. Gamaleya of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation.

Family protected by «AVSystems®»


It does not inhibit beneficial human microflora

It does not destroy the epithelium

It does not cause premature skin aging

It is not addictive

It does not contain alcohol, heavy metals, synthetic or vegetable substances

It does not poison the body

It has a preventive antiviral effect, including against viruses like SARS-CoV-2

It has a prophylactic antimicrobial effect: combating rhinitis, gum disease, sore throat, etc.

Without masks and sanitizers

Undoubtedly, the disease prevention is tens times cheaper than a treatment.

Masks and gloves do not provide the desired prophylactic effect. Misuse, neglect of protective equipment by infected people, allergies, a sense of false security - all these actions nullify the effect of mechanical security equipment.

The synthetic or herbal antibiotics and antiviral drugs used in our time give a momentary effect, but together with the infection they kill the beneficial microflora, which CONSTANTLY fights against viruses and pathogenic microorganisms. In fact, receiving a temporary improvement, we weaken the body, become dependent on foreign drugs.

Probiotics and symbiotics are not as harmless as they seem. The uncontrolled use of "beneficial" bacteria also disrupts the balance of human microflora and in some cases can lead to a serious failure of the immune system and even sepsis.

To masks - NO!
Sanitizers - NO!
Gloves - NO!

The main protection against viruses and pathogenic microflora is inherent in man by nature! Everything that is used now goes against nature!

We have developed a New Product «AVSystems®» against viruses and pathogenic microflora. It reveals the body's self-defense potential. Activates the beneficial human microflora, which otherwise suppresses infections. There are no analogues in the world.

The preparation contains specific antiviral and antimicrobial substances, which are synthesized by the beneficial human microflora. Otherwise, these compounds suppress viruses and pathogenic microflora, but are safe for aboriginal beneficial microorganisms which live on the skin, in the oral and nasal cavity of a person. Also, the preparation contains organic and mineral substances in physiological concentration, which contribute to the development of beneficial human microflora.

For distributors

We offer a unique product not only in the Russian Federation but also in the world market.

In addition, according to our experts, due to the current epidemiological situation, the product "AVSystems®" will be in a great demand for all groups of the population.

Humanity is already coming to the conclusion that it is necessary to develop NATURE-LIKE technologies. Our task is to show to the world that these technologies already exist and It is much more effective than what We have now in the market effective.

We offer to cooperate on the fair and mutually beneficial terms for the sale of the product "AVSystems® - antiviral systems" in your region.

To become a distributor

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